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Utah's Hometown

Baseball, hot dogs and apple pie -- we don't just say it, we live it! Kaysville is the type of city people love to call home. An active community where traditions are kept, families are valued, and citizens enjoy a sense of belonging and the spirit of community.

We're uniquely situated and conveniently located "in the middle of everything." Kaysville isn't just a great place to live, it's a great place to do business. Great accessibility and low taxes are just some of the benefits our businesses enjoy. It's obvious why Kaysville has become Utah's Hometown. Come see what all of the fuss is about.

Memorial Day Program

9th Annual - Kaysville Memorial Day Program

Monday, May 29th, 2017 @ 10:00 a.m.
At the Kaysville City Cemetery (500 East Crestwood Road)

Join us for the 9th annual Kaysville City Memorial Day Program at the City Cemetery. The speaker will be General Max Ewing, Brigadier General assigned as Deputy Adjutant General with the Utah National Guard.


Empty Sandbags Available at City Hall and Ops Center

The City currently has empty sand bags at Kaysville City Hall (23 E Center St) and the Operations Center (721 W Old Mill Lane) front desk. Citizens may get bags from either location and then go to whichever stockpile location is most convenient to fill up their bags. 

Please return the filled bags after they are no longer needed.

Loose sand is available at the following locations:

  • The LDS Church at 270 W Burton Ln
  • The LDS Church at 615 N Flint St
  • The LDS Church at 1039 E Crestwood Rd
  • The Kaysville City Operations Center at 721 W Old Mill Ln

The City-provided bags are intended for flood preparation. We are currently limiting people to 30 bags a piece. If more are needed, they are available to purchase at Lowe’s or Home Depot for relatively low cost.

If people are currently or imminently going to be impacted by a stream, they would need to get sandbags from Davis County Public Works due to the fact that the county services those waterways. ( 801-444-2230 or 1500 E 650 N Fruit Heights).

Please call Kaysville City Public Works at 801-544-8112 with any questions (801-299-7733 after hours).

Wasatch Choice 2050

The Wasatch Front Regional Council is looking for feedback as they explore 3 scenarios that identify our community’s future transportation and land use investments.

To learn about these scenarios please click on the link below. You will have an opportunity to provide feedback for various projects via an interactive map, as well as a survey.

Door-to-Door Solicitors
City Solicitor Badge Example

Example of City-Issued Solicitor's Badge

Summertime often means seeing an increase of door-to-door solicitors.  Solicitors are required to obtain a permit from Kaysville City before going door-to-door selling products or services. Approved applicants will be issued a photo ID badge (see example), which they must have displayed, or be able to produce it when requested. 

If someone comes to your home and does not have a city-issued solicitor badge on their person or are rude or disorderly, please ask them to leave and call the Kaysville City Police Department.  Any residence may give notice of a desire to refuse solicitors by displaying a “No Solicitation” sign near the main entrance of their home. If you have a “No Soliciting” sign and a solicitor still knocks on your door, ask them to leave. If they do not, please call the Kaysville City Police Department.

NEVER allow a stranger into your home, and teach your children safety tips. Call the Kaysville Police Department (801-546-1131) if you observe any suspicious persons or activities.

(Note that a solicitor license is not required for people who are advocating or disseminating information on religious beliefs or political positions, people representing charitable organizations, or students doing a fundraiser approved by school administration.)

Farm Animals

Farm animals (chickens, rabbits, goats, horses, etc.) are allowed in certain residential zones by receiving a conditional use permit through the Planning Commission.  You must have at least 8,000 square feet (0.18 acre) of property in order to have any type of farm animals.

Farm animals are considered as a permitted use in the A-5, A-1 and R-A zones, and are the only zones where roosters are allowed.

To get on a Planning Commission agenda you will need to fill out a conditional use permit application, pay the application fee, and submit your application to the Community Development office in the City Municipal building (23 East Center Street).

For more information on farm animal guidelines, to view an interactive zoning map or to fill out a conditional use permit application click here.

Accessory Buildings

Are you interested in building a shed or garage on your property? Make sure to check the city's zoning and building guidelines before you get started.  Accessory buildings UNDER 200 square feet do not require a permit, but are required to follow zoning regulations. If you are adding electrical and/or plumbing, then a permit will need to be issued for that portion. 

For more accessory building guidelines click here

Setback Requirements by Zone

City Zoning Map

State of the City Address, Mayor Hiatt

Recycle and Garbage Day Info

Click HERE to see a map and calendar to find out which days your garbage and recycling will be picked up.