Lost & Found Items

If You Have Lost Something

Frequently, items such as phones, keys, or even backpacks, are left behind at our parks, events or even the cemetery. The fastest way to find out if your lost item has been turned in: call the department or area where you remember seeing your item last.

Fill Out a Form

If you aren't sure if you lost it at any of the city facilities, please fill out the Lost and Found form and describe your item. Give as much detail as possible. If and when it's turned in, we'll let you know.

If You Found Something

If you were at an event or visiting any of the Kaysville City facilities and found something, please bring it into City Hall as soon as possible. Call City Hall at 801-546-1235 for more information.

If You Found Something Suspicious

If you saw something or found something suspicious or illegal, please call Kaysville City Police Department to report it. We do not recommend that you handle the item in any way. Please call 801-546-1131 immediately.

If you believe the item can cause harm, please call 9-1-1

If You Lost a Pet

Please contact the Davis County Animal Shelter as soon as possible. Also, check PetHarbor for a list of recently found animals.