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4th of July Celebration

Come join the pre-fourth of July celebration as part of Kaysville City contests and events including: Idol, Patriotic Devotional, Block Party and "Singing in the Rain." On the 4th holiday, activities begin with a 5k, breakfast, parade and family festival followed by the Concert in the Basin featuring "No Limits" ending with musical fireworks. For specific schedule information, visit the our main website under community events, or please feel free to call us at 801-544-1788.

Outside watering, secondary water, pressure irrigation

Outside Watering

Drought conditions may limit the supply of irrigation water available. Your use of water conservation practices will extend the availability of the irrigation supply. During drought conditions be alert to all notices of restriction of use or limitation of service.

Please turn off sprinklers during and after rainstorms. We ask that you observe the daily 'no watering' period between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Summer Programs

The Kaysville City Parks & Recreation Department is sponsoring a variety of Summer Programs for kids of all ages, including art classes, bowling, kick ball, sewing lessons, golfing, swimming lessons, tennis, pickleball, and track & field.  For more information and to register, click the link below or visit the Recreation Office at 85 North 100 East. If you have questions or need further assistance, please feel free to call us at 801-544-1788 or email us at or visit our main Website.

Rebate Offer

Home Energy Savings Program

A Home Energy Savings Program is offered to all Kaysville City residents and provides cash incentives to customers who purchase energy efficient appliances and lighting fixtures from participating retailers. Get cash back when you purchase a qualifying appliance and save money on your energy bill year after year. At the same time you help the environment.

Utah's Hometown

Baseball, hot dogs and apple pie -- we don't just say it, we live it! Kaysville is the type of city people love to call home. An active community where traditions are kept, families are valued, and citizens enjoy a sense of belonging and the spirit of community.

We're uniquely situated and conveniently located "in the middle of everything." Kaysville isn't just a great place to live, it's a great place to do business. Great accessibility and low taxes are just some of the benefits our businesses enjoy. It's obvious why Kaysville has become Utah's Hometown. Come see what all of the fuss is about.


The Kaysville City Council has passed an ordinance prohibiting the discharge of fireworks within specific areas of Kaysville City. 

The prohibited locations, designated as "High Fire Hazard Areas", are highlighted in yellow on the map below.

Discharge of fireworks of any type is prohibited within those High Fire Hazard Areas. Violation of this ordinance will be a Class B Misdemeanor.  Should you have any questions, please contact the Kaysville City Fire Department at 801-544-2860.

Fireworks prohibited map

"Play Unplugged" Starting in Kaysville this Summer

bragbadgesKaysville City, with the help and sponsorship of Zion’s Bank, is proud to announce our participation this year in the Play Unplugged Program. Every child between the ages of 5 - 12 at all Elementary Schools in Kaysville will be given a lanyard (6,800 total) with instructions on how this program works. The program encourages kids to get out and experience different activities and receive Brag Badges for doing them. The Brag Badges can be picked up at businesses that participate in sponsoring a particular badge that will have the business name and what activity the child did on it. Each business that participates will get to pick out what activity you want to sponsor at a cost of $400 for an unlimited amount of badges to hand out.

Any business that wants to participate in this program needs to contact:

The business can then pick which badge to sponsor and work directly with Play Unplugged to get your business name on it. Also, before May 9, 2016, each and every Brag Badge your business chooses to sponsor and hand out, will feature your company logo on it for free, all summer long, at no additional charge! (This is a $100 value).

We want you to know how much value the Kaysville City Council and Mayor see in the program for the kids in the community, as well as Play Unplugged helping to boost summer foot traffic for local businesses during the summer.

If you have any questions or want to see a sample Brag Badge, you are welcome to contact Susan Lee 801-497-7006 of the City Council or contact Play Unplugged through their website.

Thank you,

Mayor Steve Hiatt and the Kaysville City Council

Facilities Master Plan Final Draft April 2016

The report can be found at

Click here for a direct link to the PDF.


The Kaysville City Master Plan includes evaluations, needs assessment, planning and budgeting for the Operations Center (Public Works, Power Department, Parks & Fleet), Fire Station, Recreation Building, Municipal Center and the former County Library Building.

These facilities range in age from the Library Building built in 1944 to the Operations Center built in 1992. These facilities have not been remodeled, expanded or rebuilt to accommodate the changing needs of the public or current and future staff. However, the Recreation Building is the only facility that has been remodeled/ repurposed as the building previously housed the Kaysville City Fire Station. In general, these facilities are not presently meeting the current and future operational needs of the various city departments and the general needs of the public, and the HVAC and electrical systems are at or near the end of anticipated life cycle, and restrict utilizing current and future technologies.

The City contracted with JRCA Architects to develop a strategic master plan for the Kaysville City Facilities to identify priorities, recommend appropriate development options, and establish preliminary project budgets. Generally the Master Planning included the evaluation of each department’s current and future operation requirements, their existing facilities, delivery of services to the public, and consideration of utilizing current city property necessary for long term facility needs and expansion.

USU Kaysville Botanical Center Master Plan

Botanical Center Master Plan Citizen Review Meeting

On June 21st at 6:30 pm at Kaysville City Hall, the Draft Master Plan for the new USU Kaysville Botanical Center will be presented to the public for questions, comments and suggestions. There will be a presentation, followed by a question and answer period for citizens to comment on the design. MHTN Architects was hired by USU to design the Master Plan. After the formal presentation, the design team will hold an open house to further respond to questions, comments and suggestions. The Council Meeting Hall is reserved until 8:30 that evening. The design team will be available to answer questions and take comments up until that time.

Municipal Code

Kaysville City Municipal Code

The city code is in PDF format. You can view them through Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download the latest version of free Adobe Acrobat Reader, Go to Click City's General Plan to view this year's general plan.