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Taxes and Fees

Property Tax

Kaysville City sets a tax rate each year based on property values. A certified tax rate is established by the Utah State Tax Commission and Davis County. The City Council approves a tax rate each year during the budget approval process.


The Kaysville City Tax Rate for 2011 is .001035.


The tax rate is applied to County Assessed Market Value. Residential property taxes are calculated allowing the owner a 45% exemption. The remaining 55% of the home value is taxed at the approved property tax rate.


Please click here for questions and answers about Kaysville property tax rates and comparable rates in Davis County.


Combined Sales Tax 

4.70% State Sales and Use Tax
1.00% Local Sales and Use Tax **
0.25% Mass Transit Tax
0.25% Additional Mass Transit Tax
0.05% Supplemental State Sales and Use Tax
0.25% County Option Sales Tax


Total Combined Sales Tax Rate 6.50%

** The Local Sales and Use Tax is distributed 50% point of sale and 50% state-wide distribution. Local Sales and Use Tax is the only sales tax paid directly to Kaysville City Corporation.


Franchise Tax

6.0% Energy Utility Franchise Tax 

5.0% Cable Franchise Tax 

4.0% Telecommunications Franchise Tax 



In addition to tax revenues, Kaysville City may collect fees to cover the cost of various services.  Please click here to view Kaysville City Consolidated Fee Schedule.