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To search burial records, click here:  Names in Stone

To view photographs of headstones and GPS locations of graves, click here:  Billion Graves 

Records and maps of the Cemetery are kept and can be viewed at City Hall (23 East Center Street) Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.   

Directions to the Cemetery:   Take exit 328 off I-15 and turn east onto 200 North.  Proceed to 500 East and then turn north on 500 East and travel approximately three blocks until you arrive at Crestwood Road.

Directions to City Hall:   Take exit 328 off I-15 and turn east onto 200 North.  Proceed to Main Street (first traffic light) and then turn right onto Main Street.  Travel two blocks.  City Hall is located on the northeast corner of Main and Center.


Burial Space

$500.00 adult or junior size
$300.00 infant or urn size

Residents can buy spaces pre-need (prior to needing a space opened)
Nonresidents can only buy spaces at-need (when a space needs to be opened)

Purchase of spaces is limited to two per household

Interment (opening and closing of a grave)

$500.00 resident adult 
$250.00 resident infant or urn
$1,650.00 nonresident adult in old section of Cemetery
$2,650.00 nonresident adult in new section of Cemetery
$800.00 nonresident infant or urn in old section of Cemetery
$1,800.00 nonresident infant or urn in new section of Cemetery

Additional Saturday or holiday fee: 
$75.00 resident
$150.00 nonresident

A $1,325.00 per space interment deposit is required from nonresidents when they purchase at-need spaces

Headstone Moving Fee (in preparation of an interment)

$25.00 (upright)
$10.00 (flat)

Headstone Installation Fee (new section only)

$150.00 (permit required from City 24 hours prior to setting)
$1,000.00 fine for setting a stone without a permit


Lawns in the Cemetery are mowed twice a week.   Items placed on lawn areas will be removed and discarded on those days to accommodate mowing.

Access to the Cemetery is restricted from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

The speed limit inside the Cemetery is 15 miles per hour.

Horses and dogs are not allowed in the Cemetery at any time.

No planting of any type of plant material, or digging or disturbing the sod within the Cemetery is permitted.

A complete cleanup of all flowers and grave decorations takes place on:

The first Monday in April
The Monday following Memorial Day
The second Monday in November

Fresh cut and artificial flowers are permitted as long as they are placed in a permanent vase located off the ground on an upright headstone (and not in the mowstrip).  Fresh flowers may be removed and discarded when they become unsightly.  Artificial (dried, silk or plastic) flowers and any other type of grave decorations (pinwheels, shepherd hooks, craft items, solar lights, etc.) are not permitted from April 1 to November 1 with the exception of holidays.  Funeral flowers are discarded when they become unsightly. 

Headstones can be either flat or upright, except in two south sections of the Cemetery (Section 5 in Plat D and Section 5 in Plat E), where only flat headstones are allowed. Those sections are located on the east and west sides of the maintenance building. An upright stone must be at least 12" high, but cannot exceed 54" (old section) or 38" (new section) in height.  All headstones in the old section are required to have a 4" cement or granite mowstrip around the perimeter of the base and all headstones in the new section must have a 6" mowstrip.  The combined length of the mowstrip and the headstone cannot exceed 40" in length per burial space (single headstone) or 80" for two spaces side-by-side (double headstone).  Headstones cannot exceed 32" in width (which must include the mowstrip).  Benches are allowed to be set as a headstone but must cover two adult spaces side by side.  Benches cannot exceed 70" in length and must include at least a 6" perimeter mowstrip around the entire perimeter of the bench. The bench must sit entirely on a stone or concrete base so that there is no open space underneath the bench.  Headstones should not be placed earlier than three months following an interment due to settling of the ground and cannot be installed during winter months. The memorial inscription with the name(s) of the deceased must be inscribed so that the inscription faces west.  When an adult burial space is divided in half (for a baby or urn), the east half is restricted to a flat marker that is flush with the ground.  The City requires a 24-hour notice before any headstone can be installed in the Cemetery.  Monument companies (or families who chose to set their own headstone) should call 801-546-1235 when they plan to set a headstone in the Cemetery.  All headstones in the new section will be inspected and measured for compliance on the day the headstone is delivered.  Headstones not in compliance with the regulations will be rejected.  A permit fee of $150.00 must be paid prior to setting any headstone in the new section.  Failure to obtain a permit will result in a $1,000.00 fine.