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Kaysville trees are beautiful and need your attention from time to time…

In an effort to reduce safety hazards, allow for the safe passage of traffic, and increase the effectiveness of City services, we ask that you please look at the trees on your property, including the parkstrip, to see if they hang out into the street.

Snow plows and garbage trucks operating in the city are ~14 feet tall, and tree branches can either damage these vehicles or prevent them from getting close enough to the curb as they need. All trees should be trimmed back in a manner that clears a path 14 feet in height from the top of the back of the curb; or if curb is not present, from the edge of the pavement. Please make the necessary arrangements to ensure your trees are trimmed back as per City ordinance. 

Click Here to see examples of how to trim your trees.

To assist with this process, the City will be making waste receptacles available at City Hall (23 E Center St) and the Operations Center (721 W Old Mill Ln), from November 15th through December 15th of 2018. This service may terminate sooner, however, if misused.

Dumpster at City HallDumpster at City ShopsTrim low hanging branches once they have grown out past the curb. Even seemingly small branches can cause plows and garbage trucks to not access the curb or damage vehicles and equipment. Branches that don’t seem like a significant problem one year, can quickly become large and unmanageable. Thank you with your assistance in making our city look and function great! 

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Kaysville City Public Works Mission Statement

Kaysville City Public Works main goal is to uphold the mission statement of the City, which is to “Enhance the present and future quality of community life in Kaysville through the delivery of effective, efficient and equitable services.” Our responsibilities consist of, but are not limited to, the delivery and monitoring of culinary water, the collection and conveyance of storm water and the maintenance and reconstruction of roads in town. In short, we strive to provide services for the health, well-being and safety of our residents.

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