Emergency Preparedness / CERT


Kaysville City uses an emergency telephone network called "Code Red" to notify residents of impending emergencies.

You can add your information and be a participant in this system by going to CodeRED.

You have the option to receive phone, text or email messages. You can also specify the types of alerts you wish to receive. You can also elect to have your information kept private so that your contact numbers will not be shared.

Reverse 911 Public Safety Communications System

Reverse 911 is a public safety communications system developed to notify residents in emergency situations. The system uses a database of telephone numbers and associated addresses which can be used to deliver recorded emergency notifications to a selected set of telephone service subscribers.

Emergency Preparedness

Kaysville City has an emergency preparedness plan under the direction of the Fire Department. Kaysville also has a Certified Emergency Response Team (CERT) ready to assist in the event of any emergency. Visit the CERT website.

For additional information, please consult the back pages of the North Davis County Telephone Directory (copies are available at City Hall).

CERT Community Emergency Response Team

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Ambulance 911
  • Davis Hospital 801-774-7177
  • Domestic Violence Shelter 801-444-3191
  • Emergency Preparedness / Civil Defense 801-451-4100
  • FBI 801-392-7265
  • Fire 911
  • Highway Conditions 866-511-UTAH
  • Lakeview Hospital 801-292-6231
  • Poison Control Center 801-825-4357
  • Police 911
  • Protective Services for Children 801-629-5800
  • Rape Crisis Center 801-444-9161
  • Runaway Hotline 801-269-7500
  • Suicide Prevention / Emergency Crisis 801-773-7060
  • Teen Crisis Hotline 801-451-8336
  • Utah Highway Patrol 801-447-8120