Kaysville City 4th of July

While we could never replace Kaysville City’s traditional 4th of July, we can celebrate it INDEPENDENTLY this year.

We have a week’s worth of Patriotic Themed Contests, a Sing Along, Davis County Air Parade, First Responders Freedom Drive and our Inspiring Patriotic Live Stream- Honoring local unsung hero Tim Ballard.

Red, White & Zoom Along 

July 3rd, 7:00 pm

facebook event zoom

Since we can’t be on the stage to share our story with you this 4th of July…..we have virtually gathered together in song to celebrate our love of musical theater and our love of this country.

 “Broadway Musical Magic” and the “Star Spangled Banner” is our virtual musical concert featuring 39 performers from the past 21 summers of Kaysville City Musicals.  We are excited to share it with you starting July 3rd!  For now….here is a sneak peak of the people excited to bring this concert to you!

View the final Red White and Zoom Along Friday July 3rd at 7 pm -https://www.kaysvillecity.com/419/Kaysville-Live 
The Kaysville City Musical Family

First Responder Freedom Drive    

July 4th, 9:00 am

facebook event freedom drive

Celebrate with us as we parade through a neighborhood near you in Kaysville and Fruit Heights. Please see map link below.
 1.    Lead PD vehicle
 2.    PD Vehicle
 3.    Kaysville and Fruit Heights Council and hometown hero
 4.    Ambulance
 5.    Fire engine
 6.    PD vehicle
 7.    Brush 62
 8.    PD vehicle
 9.    F601 vehicle (Chief Erickson)
 Parade Route

Patriotic Live Stream

July 5th, 7:00 pm

facebook event live stream

Patriotic Live Stream - honoring Kaysville and Fruit Heights’ unsung heroes featuring Tim Ballard, author and founder of Operation Underground Railroad. View Live Stream below.
 Timothy Ballard is the Founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). Ballard spent over a decade working as a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security where he was assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and deployed as an undercover operative for the U.S. Child Sex Tourism Jump Team. (Click here to continue)