Kaysville Fiber

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To serve our residents better, Kaysville has been studying the needs and benefits of fiber optic infrastructure. We have concluded that fiber is critical infrastructure that can enhance the City’s water, sewer and power infrastructure. Fiber optic infrastructure will help the City run more efficiently and cost-effectively, stay competitive and thrive economically, and improve residents’ overall quality of life.

Why is Kaysville Considering Fiber Now?

As technology advances and the demands on our City continue to grow, the need for a reliable, high-speed connection becomes even more critical to the success of our City. Fiber can transfer data fast and reliably. It has the bandwidth required for the City to improve operation with smart sensors and devices, store data, provide additional online services and improve communications. Fiber will also help first responders make Kaysville safer and healthcare professionals provide better services as well as foster educational initiatives. Additionally, fiber provides residents and businesses with quality internet service.

Examples of How Fiber Can Improve Our City:

  • Smart traffic lights to improve the flow of traffic
  • Sensors on power lines to better pinpoint outages and improve repair times
  • Monitors to detect leaks and avoid overwatering at City parks and facilities
  • Better fire and police communications and emergency response tools

Where We Are in the Process

In June 2019, the Technical Advisory Committee – in conjunction with civic leaders, city staff and industry professionals – recommended that fiber be considered critical infrastructure. The Committee came to this conclusion because of the benefits fiber would provide in improving operations and meeting the needs and requests of residents and businesses.

Based on these findings, the City is now examining detailed parameters for the project and seeking additional public input on the implementation.