Why Are We Thinking About Installing Fiber Internet?

There are many residents in Kaysville who are not satisfied with the available speeds and provider choices for internet.  Future technology will demand better internet infrastructure than what we currently have.  In order to future proof our city, fiber internet is the only realistic choice.  Even if you have internet you're happy with right now, fiber internet could end up costing less and giving you higher speeds, more reliability, and more choices for providers.

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1. Why Are We Thinking About Installing Fiber Internet?
2. What Choices Do We Have for Fiber?
3. Why Don't We Just Wait for 5G?
4. What If Something Better or Faster Than Fiber Comes Out? Shouldn't We Wait?
5. What is fiber, or fiber optics?
6. Why is fiber important to Kaysville City?
7. How is fiber distributed throughout the city?
8. Does Kaysville City already have a fiber system?
9. What is “dark fiber?”