Why Don't We Just Wait for 5G?

5G is a much-hyped, poorly understood technology.  The telco companies (Verizon, AT&T,etc) would have you believe that 5G will make it so you don't need a wired connection at all.   But 5G is nothing more than fixed wireless, which is a technology we already have available (Rise, etc) and will still be subject to line of sight and interference, just like we deal with now.  Even though it will be faster than what we have available, it won't be anywhere near as fast as fiber but will still be more expensive per month on average.  Not to mention the fact that we're trying to move away from being limited to just one or two service provider choices, which is all we would have with 5G.  Even though phones will start being marketed as "5G capable" in the next year or so, there won't be any 5G infrastructure to run them on for many years after that in Kaysville.  5G may look enticing, but fiber is the real deal - and it's available NOW.  Fiber will cost less and provide more speed, higher reliability, and more choices of providers.  

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1. Why Are We Thinking About Installing Fiber Internet?
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3. Why Don't We Just Wait for 5G?
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